5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Best Travel Apps for iPhone

What is that one thing you hate to carry on a holiday? Your smartphone, aren’t we right? What if your boss called and gave you something urgent to work on? Let’s face it, we all dread that feeling. For most of us, our smartphone is a vital tool that handles our important stuff like our important files, pictures etc in our daily lives. Thanks to the bunch of useful travel apps, your phone is now extremely useful even when you are in a holiday mode. These travel apps specially designed for your smartphone make your holiday simpler- right from the time when you are planning one. These travel apps remind you to pack all the essential stuff for your holiday, help you find hotels, inform you about the local attractions, suggest you the best places to eat, translate the local language for you and do more. Basically these apps will enhance your travelling experience. Here are the 5 best travel apps for iPhone.

This superb app allows you to compare over 1000 flights, and look for affordable routes. This app is ideal for both business travelers and globe-trotters. You can search it by date, fares and number of halts. Skyscanner is your one stop solution for finding cheap flights.

TripItPro is a fantastic app that informs you about the changes in the schedule and the terminals of your flight very much on time. TripItPro is known for providing accurate information. So the next time you wish to get information about your flight in terms of delay or gate change, TripItPro is an ideal choice.

Google Maps
Are you even looking for an option? When it comes to maps, Google Maps is the number one choice. Google Maps is an indispensable travel app meant for both short and long distance trips. The latest version of Google Maps is faster and provides various routes to reach a destination and also informs about traffic, accidents etc. This app also suggests the nearby places to eat and shop.

XE Currency
When you are travelling abroad, the only thing that constantly bothers you is currency conversion. There are tons of currency conversions available in the App Store but there is no app like XE Currency. It is free, fast and easy to use. Now you can get access to live currency rates. The data provided is completely accurate. The best part about this app is that it can be used in an offline mode. This app makes converting any currency easy and fast. With more than 20 million downloads, it is the most downloaded app in the currency conversion space.

Google Translate
Thank god! This lovely app will save you from all those embarrassing moments when you just can’t communicate in a foreign land. Google Translate App helps you translate over 80 languages. You just have to write or speak the line you wish to translate and Google will respond you with the translated answer in no time. This app has a section where you can store the basic lines to communicate with people. This app can also translate a few handwritten languages as well.

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