Apple iWatch Rumors: What you could expect with iWatch

Apple iWatch ConceptThe long-rumored Apple iWatch is nearly getting to its official release. It is whispered that the Cupertino tech giant is to unveil the wristwatch by the end of the year. The iWatch smart watch has been in rumors for a while, and now it looks that it is a reality thanks to some credible clues from various sources. Apple has reportedly started efforts to trademark the name in a number of countries, ahead of its public release sometime in October. Anyways, by the fall, we will be lucky to see iWatch in stores.

What do you think the iWatch would be? In a moment, you may just see it as a rival to Samsung’s Gear or its newly unleashed project the Simband. Well, the very concept behind Apple iWatch would be the same, but we should expect many more things with the gadget. Apple will never try to surface a flop, especially when its research wing has been long pondering over the product to design it exceptional. Below is our rundown of some of possible exciting features of the rumored Apple iWatch.

Look and Feel: Yes, it may be nothing more than a wristwatch in look. There is little info available about the possible design of iWatch. Some rumors suggest it might be a tiny squarish device like Lunatik’s iPad nano watch. But, we can also expect Apple to unveil iWatch with a traditional round face. Anyways, it looks that the contrivance is likely to sport a flexible AMOLED display by LG and it may come in two different sizes – 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches.

Companion to Other iDevices: Sure, like all other smartwatches, iWatch will be an extension to Apple’s other products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Smartwatches from Samsung and Sony have similar function, letting users access their handsets and tablets through the tiny wearable device. You will be able to check calls, texts and notifications to your phone and tablet through iWatch.

Health Centric: Wristwatches can work as better health measuring tools. There are many examples of similar devices in health industry, but these days consumer electronics giants are also making to health sector. Just a while ago, we listened to Samsung’s health-oriented media event, where it launched its upcoming Simband project. As well, Apple has designed its new iOS 8 with some specific health measurement options, substantiating the rumors that iWatch is also to boast a number of health features.

Different Versions: The buzz in rumorland suggests that Apple iWatch may come up in several variants at different price tags. There is a great chance for the device to turn out with an array of face as well as band options. In case of band, it may have different qualities and colors. For each model, there may have different price tag too.

Most recent reports claim Apple is to enter the mass production of iWatch this summer. And its debut may happen sometime in October, with public availability by the fall. Are you looking forward to buy an iWatch? Then, it is time for you wait for the gadget with more excitement.


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