Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite: Five Things to Know about Yosemite

Apple OS X Yosemite

On the heels with iOS 8, Apple has teased its next-gen Mac software, the OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Apple has provided a sneak peak to the new OS that is scheduled for release in the fall. It looks awesome. Everything has been changed a lot. Yosemite has a fresh look with a total change to its menus, icons, folders and the entire look. There is a rather better relationship possible between your Mac and iDevice with Yosemite. Below are some important things you should know about the new OS X Yosemite.

You can Field iPhone Calls: Wow, it is a stunning feature. You no longer need to attend calls on your iPhone only. You can pick up calls on your Mac also. It works through a splendid synchronization between your iPhone and Mac with Yosemite under a single Wi-Fi network. You will not only be able to take calls on your system, but also to do other functions too like muting audio and switching to video more. Also, you can go through contacts and start calls from your computer.

A New Safari Experience: Apple has made a major makeover to its Safari web browser. As in iOS, you can have a card-shuffle-style view of all your open tabs, thanks to a feature called Show All Tabs. You can just view all the tabs with a single click on the far right of the toolbar. It works quite nice that you can access all tabs, and close whatever needed quickly.

Completely New: Everything is simple and nice on Yosemite. As it is with iOS 7, we have a flat, translucent and smoother design overall. Icons and menus are designed with a rather lucid feel to make them look unique. Yes, a Jony Ive touch is visible everywhere from the icons to font. The font is changed to Helvetica Neue, by replacing Lucia Grande. See-through effects on the Finder even shows you a little of the wallpaper.

Notification Center is Afresh: Notification bar is always important. It is an area that Apple and other OS makers address seriously and add cool updates to. Notification center on OS X Yosemite packs a lot of new info to let users grab things very quickly. If you prefer, you can still use the old Dashboard widgets, but in the Dashboard only.

A lot of Changes to Mail: When it comes to mail also, Apple has borrowed quite a lot of things from iOS. The Apple OS X Yosemite boasts a number of mail features including Mail ToolTip, MailDrop, MailMarkups and more. The Tooltip shows a menu that lets you easily add Bcc: and other address fields. The other two features are respectively meant to improvise your experience with DropBox as well as quick image mark-up.

Well, Apple OS X Yosemite has several more things. Apple has crafted the new OS with a countless number of fresh features. By the way, Apple is yet to reveal more things about the new OS including its price and exact release date. Maybe, it will have its debut on a new Mac computer itself.


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