Glance turns any Watch into a SmartWatch

Glance Wrist Gear AccessoryEvery gadget has its set of pros and cons. In the case of a smartwatch, the biggest disadvantage is its size. Most people find a smartwatch too heavy on their wrist. This is what inspired a Toronto based startup company to launch Glance. The new device Glance can turn your regular watch in to a smartwatch. Glance brings a twist in the space of wearable technology. Kiwi Wearables did not want the users to compromise on their personal style for a new gadget. Hence the company has designed Glance as an add-on accessory which can be easily worn with the watch.

Glance empowers your very own timepiece and makes it a gadget itself. A smartwatch is a gadget but Glance is a thought. There is an array of smartwatches available in the market but Glance is something different. It is full proof and quite practical. Glance is a device that allows your watch to connect with your smartphone. You just need to place it behind the strap of your watch and there, your watch becomes a smartwatch! It is compatible with iOS and Android platforms via Bluetooth LE technology. Kiwi Wearables soon plans to make Glance friendly with BlackBerry and Windows too. Glance sports aluminium finish and is available in two colours- silver and gold.

Glance is clip on device that tucks behind your watch easily. It is extremely slim and light. Glance fits perfectly with any watch and can be seen from the side of your watch. It is waterproof and comes with a tiny OLED display along with an LED light. Glance runs on Spritz speed reading technology that lets the wearer read the updates quickly and perfectly. The motion detection and Bluetooth technology are the highlights of this device. It is a device that packs in many interesting technologies that make your life simpler.

With Glance, you can now view who is calling you, check incoming SMS, group messages, emails and other notifications without touching your phone. Glance lets you keep your phone safely in your pocket. That’s not all! This device not just lets you read stuff but also allows you to reply with the touch of a button. In case your phone goes missing, Glance also helps you track it.

Glance will be ideal for fitness enthusiasts as it has inbuilt 3D motion sensors that track your physical activity. This device can tell you about the number of steps you have taken or the number of miles you have cycled. With Glance, your hand can be used as an air mouse to control a computer or a smart TV. You just have to point your hand towards the screen and move it and tap your thumb to click.

Glance comes in three sizes- 18mm, 22mm and 26mm. Glance packs a Lithium polymer battery and lasts for a week without charging. Glance is available for pre-order with a price tag of $70.


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