Google Glass: Great or Hate?

Google Glass

Ever wonder what Google Glass is? What does it do and how does it work? Well, all your answers are right here. Let me introduce to you the Google Glass. Google Glass is a headset that you will be wearing around like a pair of eyeglasses and Google, who are the makers, are thinking of actually making Google Glasses that are graded, just for those who have a hard time seeing without their prescription glasses. It is a headset that has a small paneled screen that is put on the upper corner of your eyeglass frame that will help you keep track of your appointments, calls, emails and other things that you have to attend to when you are far away from your phone.

Let me guess, now that you’ve gone through the introduction, you’re thinking how it would feel and what would you look like when you’re wearing the pair. This is what’s up, it’s a pair of glasses with a small screen that is on the side of the lens that is placed in the corner so that it doesn’t get in the way of your site. Yes, you will look like one of those Super Saiyan’s on Dragon Ball Z but will have glasses on both eyes instead of one, but, isn’t that cool enough?

Let’s get on with the features shall we? There are a lot of ways to make Google Glass work. The device itself has a touch pad on the side of it, which you can swipe or tap to be able to navigate the device. Another way off accessing Google Glass is by looking up, pretty cool eh? Along with this is the voice command, which you will say the words “Okay, Glass” to be able to start the device and tell the Google Glass whatever you would like it to do for instance, start an application, turn the camera on and take pictures, call someone or even text. Imagine yourself having to cook a romantic dinner and would it not be a hassle if you were to go back and forth to your phone just to check the recipe? With the Google Glass, you get to do what you want and learn what you want while you do your everyday chores. Another example of the greatness of what the Google Glass can do for you is for team plays or playing a chess game and getting to record every move that you and your opponent takes to be able to study it further after the game.

I know, now I’ve got you all hyped up and you want to get one this instance, the sad news is that it isn’t out in the market yet but there is a beta program called the “Glass Explorers” that you will have to apply to be able to be one of those explorers and just a little heads up for those that are interested, it comes with a price of $1,500. Expensive? Yes, but remember that you will be one of the first to experience hands-free texting, picture taking, recording and calling your love ones, isn’t it worth it?

Unlike the normal Google devices that run on the Android platform, Google Glass has its very own store; just like the Play Store, developers of application can publish their apps there and sell it.



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