Google My Business – An Introduction

Google My Business

We all know that the internet can prove highly valuable for small businesses, with local SEO becoming more and more important in the marketing strategy of small businesses. for example recently reported that 85% of smartphone users search for local information on their mobiles, a further 81% take action as a result such as calling a business or making an order.

The trouble is if you’re business isn’t online it can be very difficult to find the time to spend building your web presence, and the cost to paying an agency to do it for you can be astronomical. Google has set to bridge this gap however, with their latest product for small businesses called “Google My Business”.

The new service is designed to make things a lot easier and faster and remove the confusion; the tool seamlessly integrates with Google +, Maps and search.

Users already using Google Places to list their business will be transitioned automatically to Google My Business, but what exactly is new about Google My Business?

  • Update your business info across search, maps and Google+ all from one place
  • Easily respond to Google Reviews for your business
  • Understand how customers find and interact with your business with integration through Google Adwords
  • Personalise your listing with photos of your business and a virtual tour of your business interior.
  • Easily connect to your Google+ page, share news, update your status and create events.

It’s debatable yet as to whether Google My Business will take off, it seems however a pretty decent product that’s simple enough for all business owners to get started with Google search and increase their chance of getting found online.

While Google My Business doesn’t really add anything new it’s a good culmination of services and makes things a lot simpler for the majority. Google has tried many offerings over the past few years to attempt to entice users, Google My Business is simply the latest of these offerings, while it doesn’t do much new it is at least something that is useful in its basic form, allowing business owners to list their business in one click and promote it across all Google search mediums, meaning they can be found no matter where or how a user searches.

Those who are regularly on the go can also make use of Googles: “Google My Business” mobile app, currently available on Google play, allowing them to manage their business information and view insights into customers search habits. These insights are designed to be easy to understand and yet powerful enough to provide actionable data business owners can use in their SEO and marketing strategies to reach more people. Certainly regarding Google+ this is a very welcomed addition and goes a long way to bringing Google+ more up to speed with rival Facebook and Twitter.

Download Google My Business app on Google Play here:

An IOS version is to follow soon.




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