iRing: InsipiRING? Or boRING?


Are you a music lover? Want to be like a DJ and create and mix your own music for your own party or someone else’s with style? All these are made possible with the new iRing. No, it’s not an iPod that you can slip your finger into but it is a wonderful gadget that gives you the ability to control the music application it comes with along with the effects without needing to ever touch your device anymore, this was made by the company IK Multimedia, specially compatible to the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. You can own this baby for 19.99 Euros, that will come with 2 double-sided rings and will allow you to download 2 applications from the App Store, that works well with the rings.

This gadget gives the user the ability to control the effects of you mix by simply moving your hands right in front of the device while wearing them. It uses uniquely advanced image-recognition, exact geometric positioning technology to tell the device where the rings are positioned and motion control too.

Now you’re wondering how it looks like, it is a double sided ring that has a linear pattern of three dots on one side and on the other ring there is a triangular pattern. Both rings use the frontal camera of your device and volumetric positioning algorithms to so that the device can tell where the exact positions of the rings are. The rings send messages to your device and the application converts the messages into MIDI control messages. With these two rings, it will give you the power to control up to six different power positions or moves concurrently. Remember that this will be the first ever motion controller system that was released for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch (having a frontal camera is very important to be able to control the application, so if you are using an older version of the three named devices, please upgrade).

Now that you already know what it looks like, you would definitely like to know what kind of gestures you can do to be able to control the movement, well I’ll tell you, since you still do not have the manual in front of you yet. The ring sends all sorts of messages to your Apple device, from the simple hiding and showing the ring from your device will send it corresponding reaction messages, you can also rotate them your hands while wearing the ring and giving out a punch gesture.

All of these are great but, what if you aren’t into music or creating your own music? Would you still buy such a gadget to be able to experience the touch-less sensation that this ring provides for your device? I hope some application developers out there can work on different applications like games, health and fitness and other utility apps to be able to work well with the ring. Now that you know everything about it, tell me, is it inspiRING? Or boRING?


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