Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Overview: Ultrabook Killer Windows Tablet!

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Windows TabletMicrosoft’s brand new Surface Pro 3 is just to appear in stores. We are really lucky to get a big tablet with nearly all the capabilities of a laptop. With 12-inch screen, the new Surface Pro 3 is more appealing to an often traveling consumer, rather than the relatively smaller previous Surfaces. It still comes in tablet category, though it is larger than a typical tablet, and is also a strong rival to high-end Ultrabooks. Here we explore into some interesting things about the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro 3 Specs & Features: As you can guess, the new Surface Pro 3 Tablet is a Windows 8.1 Pro machine, and it grabs power from Intel chips. TPM security for enterprise is certainly an attraction. Based on memory, you have four variants – 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB with all models sporting micro SD slots for expanded memory. There is a 5MP rear and a secondary camera on the new Microsoft tablet PC. Above all, it has a very crisp and sharp display screen with a resolution 2160 x 1440pxs.

Surface Pro 3 Accessories: Talking about specs, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is just yet another tablet. But, it stands different and unique in the crowd with a set of accessories. The Surface tablets simply turn to laptops with two cool accessories; a kickstand and a Type Cover.

Microsoft has done a good touch-up on both the accessories, redesigning them to make extremely nice for the new Surface Pro 3. A new accessory the tablet boasts is a battery-powered Bluetooth pen that turns it rather comfortable for a user to type texts and emails very briskly.

Surface Pro 3 Versions: Microsoft has designed the new Surface tablet in five different models, based on the processor onboard. Each model runs on various versions of Intel chips and internal memory. The basic one is a 64GB Intel i3 model, and the other variants are an Intel i5 128GB, Intel i5 256GB, Intel i7 256GB and Intel i7 512GB.

Surface Pro 3 Price & Release: The official release date of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet is slated for June 20, 2014 in the US and Canada. Other markets will get the tablet quite sooner. Initially, only Intel i5 models will be up for sales. Intel i3 as well as i7 models are expected for releases sometime in August 2014. When it comes to price, the new Surface Pro 3 will range between $799 and $1949, depending on the processor and memory out of the box.

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 is a tough rival to many leading Ultrabooks out there. There is no doubt that a consumer, who was thinking about Ultrabooks like the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga or Dell XPS 12, might change his/her heart for the new Surface tablet. For Microsoft, it gives an edge, and its often criticized effort to break in to the turf of its own OEMs may find success. Also for most users, a tablet with a 12-inch screen may also be alluring, because they can transport it anywhere easily.


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