Samsung Chromebook 2 Review

Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung introduced its first Chromebook a couple of years ago. The first version was lightweight, slim and had a decent battery life. Samsung had completely innovated the ‘computer’ concert.

The operating system on Chrome was pretty simple and well defined. Other OS promise a whole lot of capacities but actually fall short of it. Samsung purely focused on functionality while designing the OS for Chromebook.

This year, Samsung has released its successor ‘The Chromebook 2′. If the device is priced high, it will be slimmer and faster, this is always a myth associated with electronic gadgets. Samsung has broken this myth with Chromebook 2. Samsung has changed the rules by making budget devices attractive and powerful. Samsung Chromebook 2 has all the qualities of a high end laptop. It has a faster processor, slim design and a better battery life.

The laptops under the Chromebook series are ideal for people who are always connected no matter where they are. Whether it is typing a basic word document or working on a presentation or even storing files on a virtual drive online, the operating system on the Samsung Chromebook makes it fast and easy.

Samsung Chromebook 2 starts at $319. Samsung has designed a device especially for the browsing audience. Chromebook 2 is a performer but there is still a long way to go.

Samsung has always focused on designing products for the masses. For them, it is always about more features at competitive pricing. This thinking rarely leaves a room for innovation in design and technology.
Samsung avoids foraying into anything new. The main focus is to make gadgets that just do the needful perfectly without any hassles. The Chromebook 2 is no different. Most part of it has been taken from Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5. The design is simple. There is nothing exciting or unusual about it. The design may not be unique but it is definitely strong.

The plastic body of the Chromebook has a better feel unlike other devices from Samsung. The design is simple and rock solid. Chromebook 2 is amazingly slim as it is 0.65 inches thick. This is one thing common between Chromebook and those high priced slim laptops. You can connect your Chromebook 2 to a TV via an HDMI port. Chromebook has two USB ports for connecting external hardware. It is equipped with a fine quality keyboard and a smooth track pad for easy operation. The only problem here is that the keys on the keyboard lack a backlight which makes it difficult for you to type in low light or darkness.

Go for the 13.3 inch over the 11.6 inch as it is way better in terms of display and resolution. One thing common in both the variants is the speakers.

Hardware – That’s the only one factor where this device suffers. Samsung has delivered a quality product at a reasonable price but has not chosen the right hardware for this device. The Exynos 5 chip on this laptop is ideal for one task at a time but not for multi-tasking. Other devices in the similar range are powered by better processors. Chromebook 2 is super silent and there are no issues of warming up. Samsung guarantees a superior battery life in both the models offerd under the Chromebook 2 series.

One thing is clear. Samsung had proved that a good looking laptop with decent spec-sheet can be sold at an affordable price. With Samsung Chromebook 2, Samsung has set a benchmark in terms of portability and design. This is one thing that other laptop makers should learn.


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