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Samsung Gear 2After smartphones, its now time for smart watches. It is time when you can wear a computer on your wrist. It is a device that looks like a watch but also has the features of a smartphone and a computer. Samsung has launched its second device called Gear 2. It is a successor to Samsung Gear launched last year. With the launch of Gear 2, Samsung has rectified the errors and improved the interface of its smartwatch concept.

Like always, Samsung is banking on the size and its efficiency of rolling out technologically superior devices faster than the competition. Samsung was the first one to launch a smartwatch by the name of Gear last year in September 2013. And before competition could give an answer, Samsung adopted an aggressive strategy by launching Gear 2 within a span of few months.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is priced at 299$. Despite being loaded with advanced features, Gear 2 will have a tough fight with Android Wear, an operating system launched by Google that extends the Android interface to smartwatches. There is a considerable improvement in Gear 2 over the first device. Samsung has worked hard on both design and features in the new Gear 2 but it doesn’t transform the smarwatch concept in anyway.

Samsung has had an advantage of being an early entrant in the smartwatch realm but it couldn’t make a mark with Galaxy Gear. This time Samsung has learnt a lesson from its experience last year and launched Gear 2. Now, only time will tell whether or not Gear 2 can take on the Android Wear. Galaxy Gear was heavy, poor looking and quite uncomfortable to use. Tables have turned with the launch of Gear 2. It is slim, lightweight, easy and has smarter looks.

Gear 2 has integrated camera, speaker and mic. Now you can change the strap of your smartwatch. The strap sports a clean metal finish without any prints or logos.  For the first time, Samsung has dared to use metal in their device. Despite the sleek looks, Gear 2 still gives the feel of a computer wrist watch.

Gear 2 packs a brilliant 1.63 inch Super Amoled display just like its predecessor Gear. The display is bright and clear with wide viewing angles. The home button is moved below the display to prevent the unnecessary use of gestures. The smartwatch wakes up just when you wish to see the time. You just need to lift your arm and the display is on.

Apart from the usual features, Gear 2 has a couple of interesting features. One of them is IR blaster. It controls the entertainment center. The Gear 2 has a couple of new hardware tricks not seen on the Galaxy Gear. Next to the camera is a new IR blaster for controlling an entertainment center. The device has heart-rate sensor like that on the Gear Fit. You can keep a track on your steps and use it as a pedometer.

Talking about the interface, Samsung has improved a few things here and there. The new platform allows you to download third party apps via Gear Manager. Gear 2 has an internal storage capacity of 4GB. Enjoy your favorite tunes on the new Gear 2. The fitness apps are similar to that on the Gear Fit. Gear 2 provides coaching for activities like running, cycling etc. Samsung has enhanced the sports apps in terms of features and ease of use.

The best part about Samsung Gear 2 is the enhanced battery life. The battery on the Galaxy Gear was a big problem as it required to be charged daily. Well that’s not the case with Gear 2. It provides a battery life of over 2 days.

In a nutshell, Gear 2 is undoubtedly a better version of its predecessor Gear with visible improvements. It is high on performance and has a superior feel. Some additions to the fitness apps are another major highlight of Gear 2. The interface and battery life could have been better. Google’s Android Wear will be formally launched within a few weeks. It will be interesting to see what’s next in store for Samsung.

It could give up on the Gear OS and start afresh with Android Wear or offer both platforms simultaneously. Picking the best out of Gear 2 and teaming it with Android Wear could be pretty exciting for users.


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